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I grew up in Kenya. My parents were missionaries there for 45 years. Growing up in another culture has given me a unique view of the world and has shaped my life and personality in interesting ways. Many are fascinated by this part of my life. I had unforgettable experiences growing up. Many were unlike anything most American boys have experienced. You can read about some of my experiences and passions on my blog at or by clicking the links in this section.

Occasionally I'll share those flashbacks with you in
"Kenya, A Return to Innocence". Besides my cherished friends, I am driven by three passions including two hobbies and one related to my education and training.

I am a real live trained home chef. I enjoy creating amazing meals for family and friends, sitting back and watching them love what's going into their mouths. If you have food questions or kitchen technique questions, I may be able to help. Some cook books are so challenging that I have considered writing one of stuff I've actually made. Some recipes I try I have to wonder if anyone has actually ever tried! Read about my adventures in the kitchen in the "Engaging the Palate" category.

My photography. Here is where I spend way too much money!  We had a dark room in our house when I was just a kid. My Dad spent a good deal of his patience teaching me all about it and I have been hooked since I was a very young teenager.  Now it's all digital and I love it! I'll have some of my favorite images up here for you to enjoy. So come back often! The "Right Before Your Eyes" category will talk about my fun with photography, gear and locations.

Leadership. Most people have it wrong! It's not about the title on your business card! It is defined by who's following you. If you have no followers you're not much of a leader no matter what your business card says! I do training in this area as well as executive coaching. My years of leading people, coupled with a great education (MBA and PhD), have given me some great insights into this and other business topics.  Keep up with the musings in the "Leadership Differentiators" category.

That's a very quick overview of 57 years of me. Any interest? Stick around. Visit often. Occasionally I might have something worth taking a look at or worth pondering for a few minutes. I also look forward to your comments!

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